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609_09_G02_Vet Hospital posters_RJ_231022_WORKING-01.jpg
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Mag 2 copy.jpg
609_09_G02_Vet Hospital posters 18x24_RJ_231022_WORKING-01.jpg
609_09_G02_Vet Hospital posters 18x24_RJ_231022_WORKING-02.jpg
608_08_G03_Vet Hospital Paper Gak 8.5x11_RJ_251022_WORKING-08.jpg
608_08_G03_Vet Hospital Paper Gak 8.5x11_RJ_251022_WORKING-02.jpg
608_08_G03_Vet Hospital Paper Gak 8.5x11_RJ_251022_WORKING-04.jpg
609_09_G04_Vet Adoption Form_RJ_251022_WORKING-01.jpg
Vaccine Brochure.jpg
Pet Insurance Brochure.jpg

The Good Doctor

On The Good Doctor where I was asked to make realistic designs that would appear in todays day and age. 

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