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The Babysitters Club

Based on the children books, this series ran for 2 seasons on Netflix and I was the graphic designer for both. With it being a kids show, the designs were more playful and direct so that kids could relate to them.

Skate Posters-01.jpg
Skate Posters-02.jpg
Skate Posters-03.jpg
BSC2_204_278_G01_Int Ice Cream Shop Diner_Diner Logo_RJ_020321.jpg
Rosebud Diner Menus-01.jpg
BSC2_205_280_G01_Int Salvatore's Restaurant_Logo_V2_RJ_030821.jpg
BSC2_205_280_G01_Int Salvatore's Restaurant_Logo_RJ_030821.jpg
GFX01-058 Int NYC Cafeteria-Parker Academy Crest-21082019-RJ.jpg
G01_BSCS2_Superbrat Logo_RJ_012121_V3 (1).jpg
GFX04-Moosehead Flag-60x36in.jpg
BSC2_206_297_G01_Int Pike House_Nietzsche for Dummies book_RJ_031721.jpg
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